What is April Fool and why believe it - full information

What is April Fool and why believe it full information

Full Information About April Fool & Why Celebrate it?

 Hello friends, do you also want to know what April Fool is and why people celebrate it, so if you don't know about it then you can get all the information about it through this post.  Because for all of you, complete information about it is being given.

 First let us tell you that April Fools Day is also called All Fools Day, it is celebrated every year on 1 April.  In this, people make each other foolish, for which they use Practical Jokes and some similar words, so that someone else becomes a foolish person.

 If we talk about Newspapers, Magazines and other Published Media Fake Stories Report, then someone reads it, and brings it to everyone later, and makes everyone foolish by saying it here.

 Complete information of April Fool Day

 Let everyone tell you that Fool Day is celebrated on 1 April and it is also called Murkha Day in Sudh Hindi.  On this day, people are happy by making stupid relatives with their friends.  But do you know why April Fool Day is celebrated?  Which is also being told below which you can read.

 1 April Fool Day is a day that cable is celebrated not only in India but all over the world.  And some countries have a holiday on 1 April.  But in some countries including India, no holiday is given on the day of 1 April Fools.  Here only on April 1, there is an escape from all kinds of jokes and with whom if someone jokes, then they do not even feel bad.

 April Fool Day or fool's day is celebrated in different countries in different ways.  For example, in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Britain, April Fool Day is celebrated only till noon.  Whereas in some countries like Japan, Russia, Ireland, Italy and Brazil, Fool's Day is celebrated throughout the day.

 Why is April Fools Day celebrated?

 So through this article, you are being told that April Fool Day has been celebrated for almost many years, but clearly no information has been received by Orgin about it yet.

 Let me tell you that Geoffrey Saucers first mentioned it in his book Canterbury Tales in the year 1392.  The date of engagement of King Richard II of England and Queen Anne of Bohemia was said to have been announced on 32 March 1381, which the people believed to be right and became fools, since then on April 1, Fool's Day was celebrated.  is.

 But some historians also believe that April Fools Day was started on 1582, when France switched its calendar.  And was done in Gregorian Cleander after permission from the Council of Trent from Julian Cleander.  And this news could not reach some people immediately, it was the last week of March by the time it reached the news.  Therefore, according to a joke, they consider New Year on 1 April only.

 And some people also say that April Fools Day is paired with vernal equinox, or you can say that it is the first day of the spring season in Northern Hemisphere, when nature makes people owl by suddenly changing the weather.

 April Fool Day SMS Jokes Shayari in hindi (fool day shayari jokes)

1.दिल में दर्द
दर्द में यादें
यादों में बिता कल
जो पुकारे तुझे हर पल
वो कमसिन सी कली तू
वो खिलखिलाती फुलजड़ी तू
जब भी ख्वाब में आती हैं
माँ कसम चुड़ेल भी सुंदर लगने लगती हैं

2. आज मुझे एश्वर्या राय का ख़त मिला
लिखा था मुझे हीरो के लिए चुना गया
यारो मेरी तो लॉटरी निकल पड़ी
मेने पहली मुंबई की ट्रेन पकड़ी
गया मैं फिलम हाउस
वहाँ बैठा था एक माउस
उसे मैंने कथा सुनाई
उसने जोरो से आवाज लगाई
भाई रे भाई बकरा फस गया
और मुझे बिगेस्ट अप्रैल फूल का ख़िताब दिया गया 

3. आज कल दिल्ली में नया कोहराम छाया हैं
दिल्ली की सरकार आप के नाम पैगाम आया हैं
यूँ इस कदर बेवकूफ ना बनाओ दोस्तों
कह दो अभी भी वक्त हैं वरना अप्रैल फूल फिर लौट कर आया हैं

4. जब तूफान में बादल फटा तो मुझे कुछ याद आया
जब मंदिर का घंटा बजा तो मुझे कुछ याद आया
अरे यूँ दिमाग पर ज़ोर ना लगाओ दोस्तों
अप्रैल फूल की याद में सबसे पहले तेरा नाम याद आया

5. जगह जगह यही शौर हैं
आपको जिसने वोट दिया
वो IIN का ढोर हैं
बुरा ना मानो लोगो
अब तो महामूर्ख का ही दौर हैं

 How to make April Fool

 April Fool Day is celebrated all over the world with great joy.  Where it is followed at different times in different countries, but all follow each other in this only by celebrating their owls.  By the way, if you also find some such fun Pranks, then you too can celebrate it in a much better way.  As you were told in the above poetry.  So there are many more that you can celebrate April Fool.

 Conclusions: -

 So friends, all of you were given information about April Fool Day in this page, which you must have known about it by reading what is April Fool Day and what is its complete information.  If you liked the information about April Fool, then you must share it with your friends.

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